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about bookshop M

"bookshop M” was established in 2005 and has been organizing by the creative design studio “MATCH and Company” based in Tokyo, who stands out in photography and editorial design. One of the specific features of MATCH and Company is deep knowledge about indispensable factors for book making: typography, paper, ink, printing, and binding and also history of book design, methods, and materials widely. bookshop M started to distribute abroad their original photography publications with limited 700-1000 editions through internet in 2009.
The organizer and art director, Satoshi Machiguchi (MATCH), is highly regarded in designing graphical materials. Many photographers respect his ability to deeply understand photography and also draw out the essence of each photographer. The curator, Hisako Motoo, works in collaboration with bookshop M as the editor. She is one of the most important persons in Japanese photography.
The art director, Hikari Machiguchi, works in photography and editorial designing also. His unique idea makes their activity wider and more interesting.
The roles of bookshop M is for broadening distribution channels of both labels and the books they design, furthermore, being itself the communication medium directly between readers and the publisher, and making mutual cooperation with good bookshops based on truly understanding each other all over world.